Medhat Eid: Adobe Creative Insider Ambassador 

Graphic-Design International Consultant and Expert

The expert and international trainer Medhat Eid is considered to be the first Arabian entrepreneur who has the strongest international participation in Adobe’s community.

Started his career as a Graphic Designer in 1992 and led the Graphic Design revolution training in Jordan since 2003. With more than 45 international certificates, Eid is consulted by Adobe in integrating and supporting the Arabic language in their programs. And is one of the leading activists who are responsible for arranging Adobe’s conferences, seminars, and workshops in Jordan and the Middle East.

Created and founded by Medhat Eid, Inspire ME is one of the most famous and powerful creativity conferences in the Middle East, which covers the latest developments in Adobe’s world. Inspire ME monthly workshops, seminars and dialogue sessions are held throughout the year in order to spread knowledge in the Jordanian Design society, especially among creative entrepreneurs and startups in order to discover and grind their talents.

Medhat Eid as the first Arabian individual, who participated in the global Adobe “MAX Conference”, was successfully selected as an assistant for this most recognized world trainers association. 

Eid has also participated in the annual Adobe project named_”Make a Masterpiece Adobe”.

After making a strong foothold for himself in the local Jordanian market, many leading international and local organizations request for his advice in developing technical strategic plans and finding practical solutions for their creative departments.